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Whether you've just arrived or have already been living in The Netherlands for a while, it's not always easy to find a good dentist or to know how the Dutch dental system works. Here's an overview outlining some of the key aspects including: types of practices, dental specialisations, insurance, treatment costs and how to select a dentist or hygienist. In The Netherlands dental care is provided by university-educated dentists, all of whom are registered by the government. The quality of dental care in The Netherlands is outstanding.

Types of Practices

Almost all dental practices in the Netherlands are private, there are no state practices. Most of them are modest undertakings, with one dentist and one assistant. In the big cities there are bigger practices, consisting of several dentists, a number of assistants and dental hygienists. Such a structure allows the practice to diversify its services. Many practices in The Netherlands are full and consequently cannot take on any new patients. It's therefore useful to know that you may need to apply to more than one practice.

Specialized Dental Work

In The Netherlands, all regular dental specializations can be found. The best-known fields are oral surgeons, who are usually affiliated with a hospital, and orthodontists, who usually have a private practice. Moreover, the number of periodontists (specialized in gums), endodontologists (root canal specialists), implantologists and children’s dentists is steadily growing. Patients are referred to these specialists by regular dentists.

Strict rules for hygiene and anesthetics

All dentists in The Netherlands must comply with the rules on hygiene set by the Dutch government. Most dentists will give a local anesthetic before a painful treatment.

Dental Insurance

Dentistry is privatized in The Netherlands, which means that the patient is responsible for the payment of their treatment costs, not the insurance company.

How costs are calculated

Rates for all dental treatments are determined by the government. All treatments are described in uniform codes (known as UPT codes) that allow the insurance company to determine their maximum fees. All dentists who work in The Netherlands must adhere to these codes.

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