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Do you stand out?

Most people these days search for what they need online. And, in this case, what they need is you. Even if those looking for a dentist or a hygienist hear about you through a friend or by walking outside your practice, chances are they will be checking you up and looking for reviews online so they can get an as-accurate-as-possible first impression. This means it’s crucial for you to have a strong presence online, to make sure people looking for you and your services will be able to find you easily. Whether they live in the city centre or in the countryside, people everywhere are and will be looking for a professional to help them take care of their oral health in the best way possible.

… And this is where you come in

We all look for humanity and empathy in the people we cross paths with. Whether it’s a “good morning” from the attendant at our nearest post office or a smile from a stranger when crossing the road, we all look for that cue that will make us feel somehow connected to whoever we have in front of us. And therefore people will try to find a healthcare professional with whom not only the professional expertise but also the bond is there. People are going to be looking for the best dentist or hygienist around to take care of their oral health. They will be looking for proficiency and the so necessary human touch. And this is where you come in. By joining our growing community of professionals in the dentistry field you become a part of this global network of people that have the expertise and the mindfulness to excel in their field, providing people with peace of mind and the certainty they are doing all they can do to make sure their health and dental hygiene are being looked after.

Build your brand and get global exposure

In our website you can enter your specializations, the languages you speak, and your professional background, all of which will give you global exposure to clients in our area or looking to relocate there. We encourage you to have a premium account to increase your chances of being seen by the people who really need to see you all over the world. Your premium profile costs €14,99/month or €120/year. You’ll have access to all the premium features, such as links to all your social media links, an increase in traffic and contacts, a premium check box added to your profile, among others. You will also be able to promote all professions and experts in your practice.

Why register?

Joining our global network of multilingual experts specialized in all fields of dental medicine will give you the chance to showcase your expertise to a wide range of potential clients and research labs. By registering you will:

  • Get top-ranked in search engines
  • See SEO and visibility improvements for you and your practice’s website
  • Have a competitive and unique advantage based on your CV and skills

For further information or speaking to the team, click here. Looking forward to meeting you!