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Looking for a dentist?

Just moved to a new city and need a dentist or hygienist? Or simply want to get a check-up with a top-ranked professional? Regular dental visits are critical at any age for the maintenance of dental hygiene, and we believe that having a dentist that speaks your language and provides you with regular appointments and check-ups is fundamental for a proper dental care and oral health. is an independent worldwide directory of dentists, hygienist, and other professionals on a dentist’s practice or team. Our dentists and hygienists are local experts with a global presence, and have a wide range of skills and knowledge to help you with your dental care – and we are here to help facilitate the communication between you and them.

Why us?

Choosing a dentist is a major decision. You are looking for a certified dentist or hygienist with whom communication is easy and who will take care of you in the most professional way, and we want to make sure you can find that on our platform. We believe that having a certified professional that speaks your language and understands your health’s needs is halfway through having peace of mind. At you can find dentists and hygienists that specialize in all fields of dentistry, dental medicine, and oral care, and dedicate their working lives to the continuous research and development of innovative and better ways to improve techniques, prevent diseases and maintain and care for your dental hygiene.

How does it work?

You can find a top-ranked dentist or hygienist in our area in a few simple steps. Go to, search for the city you live in or are about to move to, and choose the languages you speak – our platform will show you the top-ranked dentists and hygienists where you live, with whom you can get in contact right away. You don’t need to worry about common impediments such as the opening hours of a practice – you can easily contact any dentist or hygienist on our website at any time of the day and week, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they see your message.

Get top-notch dental care and choose your dentist with us!